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There are better ways to model state machines than using spread sheets!

In the past different μC manufacturers have published application notes about the benefit of using state machines for the design of embedded software. An example is the application note SLAA402 from Texas Instruments (TI). It suggests to generate source code based on a spread sheet table. Nowadays several affordable UML modeling tools are available supporting the efficient design of state machines in a graphical way. SinelaboreRT generates production quality source code from state diagrams created with many different UML tools. Give it a try!

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We offer a very user friendly license model. Please note hat every user calling the code generator requires an own license. Be fair and buy the correct number of needed license. Thank you :!:

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There exists customer specific versions with special features that require a special license. To simply order processing please request such a license by mail. You then have to buy multiple normal licences with the value of the special license. The specific license file is then provided by mail.

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