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There are better ways to model state machines than using spread sheets!

In the past different μC manufacturers have published application notes about the benefit of using state machines for the design of embedded software. An example is the application note SLAA402 from Texas Instruments (TI). It suggests to generate source code based on a spread sheet table. Nowadays several affordable UML modeling tools are available supporting the efficient design of state machines in a graphical way. SinelaboreRT generates production quality source code from state diagrams created with many different UML tools. Give it a try!

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Cadifra Video Tutorial

Part I

In this video we show how easy it is to use the sinelaboreRT code generator in combination with the Cadifra UML editor. We create a small state diagram. The diagram is then converted into C-code using the code generator. All development steps are shown.

Then a basic main.c file is used to send events to the state machine and execute it.

To follow the tutorial on your own download the demo version of sinelaboreRT and the Cadifra UML Editor from the download page. A C-compiler is needed (e.g. gcc) too to compile the C-code.


Part II

In the second part of the video tutorial we extend the first example. S1 is changed into a composite state (i.e. a state with children). Two child states and several transitions are added too.


Then the state machine C-code is generated again using the code generator. In the next step the main.c file is extended to send one of the new events to the machine.

Finally it is shown how to generate testcases from the state diagram. The automatically generated test cases provide a good basis for testing the state diagram.

Cadifra is a fast and lightweight UML Diagram Editor for Windows. It supports the following kinds of UML diagrams: Class, Object, Sequence, State and Use Case. Each diagram is stored in an own file. The SinelaboreRT codegen directly uses the state diagram model file. The state diagram editor is very good for designs with few hierarchy levels.

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