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There are better ways to model state machines than using spread sheets!

In the past different μC manufacturers have published application notes about the benefit of using state machines for the design of embedded software. An example is the application note SLAA402 from Texas Instruments (TI). It suggests to generate source code based on a spread sheet table. Nowadays several affordable UML modeling tools are available supporting the efficient design of state machines in a graphical way. SinelaboreRT generates production quality source code from state diagrams created with many different UML tools. Give it a try!

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Java problems

:?:Java does not find the codegen or other jar files:

:!: Newer Java version only accept the class path syntax. This means you have to update your Makefile or built scrips. The class path must be adjusted according your installation of course.

On Linux/Unix/Mac use the following format:
-cp ../../bin/*:../* codegen.Main

On Windows use this format (even displayed differently here use normal quotation marks):
-cp “..\..\bin\*;..\*” codegen.Main

:?:The code generator has problems to find Astah models

:!: The code generator uses the public API to access the Astah models. Therefore the Java class path must contain the path to the Astah Java API. The following class path shows how to do this. Take care to consider class path differences under Windows and Unix like systems.

-cp “..\..\bin\*;..\*;C:\Program Files\astah-professional\*” codegen.Main

:!: Also make sure the file extension is according to the Astah rules. Otherwise Astah does not accept the files as input model:
For Astah Professional: .asta
For Astah SysML: .asml

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