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There are better ways to model state machines than using spread sheets!

In the past different μC manufacturers have published application notes about the benefit of using state machines for the design of embedded software. An example is the application note SLAA402 from Texas Instruments (TI). It suggests to generate source code based on a spread sheet table. Nowadays several affordable UML modeling tools are available supporting the efficient design of state machines in a graphical way. SinelaboreRT generates production quality source code from state diagrams created with many different UML tools. Give it a try!

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Try it for free. The trial version is limited in the number of supported states and transitions.

If you purchase a license, a digitally signed personalized license file is issued to you, which must be downloaded and saved in the installation directory. This disables the evaluation mode.

For all systems (always latest version)

The codegen is bundled as system independent java jar file and can be used from the command line on various operating systems that offer a recent Open JDK (JDK17 recommended) version. No installation is required. System independant

For Microsoft Windows Users

Thanks to Java 17 a wrapper is available that allows to run java jar files like any other executable. Use this package if you plan to use the integrated graphical editor. The executable can also be called on the command line. Download the installer here: SinelaboreRT Code Generator for Windows 10

For Mac Users

Thanks to Java 17 a wrapper is available that allows to run java jar files nearly like a native Mac app. Use this package if you plan to use the integrated graphical editor. You can open model files like “open with” and then select the app. Once you bought a license copy the license file into the following folder:

Some users receive the message that the application once installed is corrupt. To fix it execute the following command on the terminal window:

 sudo xattr -cr /Applications/


 sudo xattr -cr /Applications/

For this packaged version of the codegen Java 17 is required. Download it from the official website and make sure it is in your bin path. To test this open a terminal and type java -version.

Common Downloads

Other Tools

Cadifra UML Editor - a fast UML tool for Windows. This editor is used for several examples on the web site and the manual. There is a 30 days trial version that you can download and test.

Graphviz is an open source graph visualization software and needed for the graphical editor and simulator which is built into the code generator (installing via brew is recommended)

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