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Generate production quality code from state diagrams created with StarUML

The StarUML parser is work in progress. If you are interested in this feature send us a mail expressing your interest and specific needs.

SinelaboreRT generates readable and maintainable code from hierarchical UML state machines. With its unique features and the C code generator the tool covers well the requirements of embedded real-time and low power application developers. With its C++, Python and Java backend it is also a perfect tool for developers of server or desktop applications.

Key Features:

  • Automated robustness checks before code generation
  • No run-time environment needed
  • Can be used with any CPU and with or without OS/RTOS
  • Code generation especially for embedded real-time and high availability systems.
  • Fits well in different system designs (foreground/background, RTOS-based …)
  • No gap between design and code
  • Support for automatic test-case generation
  • Simulation in interactive or batch mode.
  • Optionally generating trace code
  • Generated code creates no trouble when using static code checkers

Drawing the State Machine Diagram

StarUML allows efficient drawing of state diagrams as part of a class. The following example state diagram shows the features that are supported from the code generator right now.

Creating Code

It is assumed you have a recent Java version installed e.g. on a Mac.

java --version
openjdk 17-ea 2021-09-14
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 17-ea+29-2576)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 17-ea+29-2576, mixed mode, sharing)

To generate code first export your model to XMI using “File → Export → XMI”. Then specify StarUML as modelling tool (-p struml) as well as the path to the state diagram inside the model file (-t “Model:class1” ). The command line to generate C-code looks like as follows:

java -cp "/path to codegen jar file/*" codegen.Main -l cx -p StarUML -o testcase -t "Model:class1"  testcase.xmi

This generates C-code from the specified state machine diagram.

Supported State Machine Elements

The code-generator supports a relevant subset of the design elements provided by Magic Draw. The supported elements are:

  • Hierarchical states
  • (Signal-)Events with event name, guard and action
  • Initial and final pseudo-states
  • History states (deep, flat)
  • Choices

Download the demo version and try it right now. It includes many other examples.

StarUML Draw HowTo

:?:I'm not able to define header code as specified in the header comment

:!: StarUML unfortunately does not export linked comments to the XMI file. Therefore specify the comment in the configuration file. Example

AdditionalMachineImplementationInclude=#include <stdint.h>\n#include "testcase_ext.h"\n#include "testcase.h"\n#include <stdio.h>\nextern TESTCASE_EVENT_T msg;\n\n
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