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Noteworthy per operating system

All systems (Windows, Mac, Linux ...)

Usage of the code generator from the command line is most flexible. Integration in Makefiles or the like is super easy. A call from the command line looks like:
java -cp “~/sinelaboreRT5.2/bin/*” codegen.Main …


A dmg file is provided. See Download for more information.


Windows users can use the code generator in two ways.

Method 1: Install a Windows executable which wraps the Java jar file. An installer is available in the bin folder of the download package. A double click on the installed executable opens the built in editor with an empty project. Right clicking a project file which was created previously with the integrated editor opens this project. Due to the fact that no configuration file is known at this point it is recommended to put a codegen.cfg file in the users home directory which at least contains the parameter DotPathWin.
Example: DotPathWin=“C:\\Graphviz-2.44.1\\bin\\dot.exe”

Method 2: Using the codegen.jar file directly and call it with the java.exe installed on your system.
Example: c:\jdk-11\bin\java.exe -cp “c:/sinelaboreRT5.2/bin/*” codegen.Main …

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